The Yoga Challenge: Day 12

I am over the hump. I can see the end of the tunnel of my 14-day challenge. What seemed very unlikely around Day 7, is very much mine for the taking.

I went into this Day 12 knowing that it would either break or make me. 

It was the Vinyasa class at the Jewel in the Lotus (in Madison, and I’m a big fan. Net Promoter Score: 10) which is one of their 90-min classes. There would be a lot movement, unlike forrest. There would be a lot of sweating. There would be more possessive-pronoun-less directions. There would be the pigeon pose. 

Picture 12I’m not exactly there yet, but soon. You’ll be like, “What’s a pigeon doing here?…Oh, it’s just Eric.”

I focused on my breathing and made it through. Managed a handstand on my own. Got into a semi-pigeon. No major cramping.

This is in no way old hat for me yet, but if you gave me another 14 days, I’d probably be a master. I was thinking if the writing/marketing thing doesn’t pan out, I could be a Buddhist monk A-player.

This has been a great way to get into yoga. The Lotus’ absurdly cheap introductory offer (as many classes you want for 2 weeks) has been a great way for me (a yoga ignorant) to experience the varieties of yoga, and to build the core strength to actually do them.


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